Western Canada's Forefront Heavy Metal Music Festivals  

-36 local and international bands
-On site Camping
-Thrash Wresting
-100 man shotgun
-Flush Toilets and Showers
And Much More

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 DECIMATE METALFEST is the brainchild of Sloan Voxx of Voxx Promotions, which is destined to become an annual Canadian metal pilgrimage to Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

With the many yearly festivals becoming part of the national metal heritage, Sloan wants DECIMATE METALFEST to become one of the best-known events alongside the various festivals located within Alberta, and Western Canada.

With Voxx Promos booking and promotional experience, and the support of metalheads internationally, there is nothing to stop them from reaching their goal of bringing in the masses and putting on incredible metal festivals for years to come!

Voxx Promos was the head promoter for Canada’s Extreme Metal Radio’s CEMR Metalfest in 2017 (, which showcased a killer line up of Western Canada’s up and coming metal bands such as Terrifier, Planet Eater, Display of Decay, W.M.D, Vile Insignia, Path to Extinction, Tessitura, Anarcheon, Kelevra, Train Bigger Monkeys, Ye Goat-Herd Gods, Detherous, Juliet Ruin, Augurium, Anti-Pattern, Forsaken Rite, Graveyard Nemesis and Benevolent Like Quietus.

DECIMATE METALFEST promises to be bigger and better than the executed festival next year and its pending lineup will certainly not disappoint. Festival organizer Sloan Voxx comments: “We are so excited to be embarking on the adventure of starting our very own Metal Festival! We’ve been very fortunate to have worked with so many incredible people and bands in the past and we value them so much. What better way to spend a weekend than to bring them all together for 3 days of epic music and entertainment! We have a great team on board and we can’t wait to get this fest off the ground with the help of seasoned and up-an-coming metal bands of all kinds!

Let’s do this!

DECIMATE!” DECIMATE METALFEST will take place June 7th, 8th and 9th, 2018 at Distortion - Live Music Venue (3828 MacLeod Trail South) in Calgary, Alberta.

DECIMATE METALFEST encourages any bands interested in performing at the fest to apply. Submissions for this festival are now closed.

Current sponsors include:
Asher Media Relations
Metal Master Kingdom
Total Metal Productions
Temple Entertainment
Canada’s Extreme Metal Radio
SANE Clothing
Broken Neck Radio

If you are interested in helping sponsor DECIMATE METALFEST, please contact us at: For more info: Writing Credits: Sloan Voxx & Ingrid Newton 


More festivals to Come

More to Come