Our Team

Stan J Schinners - Owner /Station Manager

 BNR was started by DJ ZANG because he wanted to bring heavy metal to the masses.  His lifelong love of metal, as well as the absence of metal in mainstream media compelled him to make a difference..

Only Rule if it isnt metal it dont get played...

You can catch him regularly every Friday at 1130 PM PST ...check out all of our team here.

Reckless Ronny, Assistant Manager

 After many years of frustration hearing local fm radio stations repeating the same shitty music, I avoided it the best I could and would only listen to my album/cassette/CD/mp3 collection. Until I discovered internet radio - that offered a diverse range of Heavy Metal and found BNR (Broken Neck Radio) to my liking. I was consistently tuning in, to alot of excellent Metal music that I had not maybe heard before or exquisite tunes from the past. Thankfully Zang offered me a position with our team in 2012, enabling me the opportunity to share my playlists and all that BNR (Broken Neck Radio) has to offer to like minded metalheads world-wide. Metal fans are Legion, there is no other forum of music that compels the masses to unite and share in a common bond like it \m/><\m/ ~ stay reckless! Tune In to Reckless Ronny... Wednesdays 3pm PST/6pm EST for The Midweek Metal Meltdown Show and Sundays 1pm PST/4pm EST for The Sunday Thrash Blast Show 

The HORDE , PR / On Air Talent

 Coming from the dark swampy forests of southern western Canada .DJ horde brings our team his deliverance of doom heavy metal show to www.brokenneckradio.com every wed night from 9-11 pst time .DJ horde is influenced by old school blues pioneers such as Muddy Waters ,BB King ,rl Burnside .because of these legends of blues ,doom metal has risen to what it is today.Blues riffs played heavy ,slow and low by bands like Eye Hate God ,Down, High On Fire , Sleep and Crowbar .be sure to check out my show and stay metal DJ Horde 

Metallic Rose Program Manager / On Air Talent

 With 30+ years of metal history under her belt, Metallic Rose rose from the NJ/NY metal scene in the 80's. Now hailing from Florida, Rose brings her love of heavy metal to the masses via the World Wide Web! A great member of our team
Saturday Metal from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST - Metallic Rose plays old school 80's (NWOBHM/Thrash), new bands, local and unsigned from all over!
Sundays from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM PST, Metallic Rose hosts Symphonic Sunday, 2 intense hours of symphonic and progressive metal!
Tune in and Rock Out! - Requests Always Welcome!  

Kaos.... Partner / On Air Talent

 Live in Prince George BC Born Windsor Ontario Favorite band is MOTORHEAD with Fast Eddie Clarke Favorite TV Show is "The Walking Dead" Play bass since age of 12 Love all Sports that involve Violence and Alcohol Loves Central America and Tuna Fishing. Kaos loves all different types of Heavy metal which makes him a valued member of our team

The OutKast On Air Talent

 The Wake and Bake with The Outkast is now going into it's 12th year. Many
loyal and true wake and bakers have joined me every Saturday for hours of
classic heavy Metal Thrash Hardcore and the vast variety that I will throw into
a show. Many get hooked on not knowing what I'll play next or from week to
week and I always try to please and have a little something for everyone.
Although being very old school at heart, I do mix some new school but like
to keep with general Classics and what people know and love. It's also
always a treat when I look and play that something rare and ups cure and
helps make the show. I may bore you for a bit and all of sudden throw a
set you just won't hear any were else. I'm always striving to find that
something that brings it all back right to the roots and raw unreleased
the deep tracks. That's what I'm about and that's what the show is about
and that what my listeners demand. Love you all and thanks for the support
over the years and I will continue as long as I have the ears. Our team wouldnt be the same without him.

Grottodevil Production Manager / On Air Talent

 Grottodevil: A man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery.
Analog when I was born, Solid State by design, Digital when and if I die. But Actually I was Born at a very young age I was a self-made thousandaire by the age of 40. I am Currently starring in my own radio show self-titled, A Modern "Grotto's beefy Hall of Metal" morning show; One Guy's Search for tincture concentrates and bitchin' Music. I am a completely Caffeine dependent life-form. And yeah  Bald. Often Unreliable. Easily distracted bit loves his heavy metal and loves our team